Thursday, January 20, 2011

Raag Baageshree

                         For Lakshangeet, Bandish Please scroll down

Raag Bageshree has komal Ga(k) and Ni(k)
Pa is used in Avaroh
Vaadi Swar:Ma and Samvaadi Swar: Sa
Pakad: dha ni(k) Sa Ma

Aaroh: ni(k) Sa Ga(k) Ma Dha Ni(k) SA
Avaroh: SA Ni(k) Dha Ma, Pa Dha Ma Ga(k) Re Sa

Lesson 1: Swaramaalika

Lesson 2: LakshanGeet

Lesson 3: Bandishi

Lesson 4: AalapTane

Lesson 5: Notations


  1. Excellent lesson.. Thanks a lot.


  2. Dear Music Teachers,
    Since I came to know that such A WONDERFUL classical music site exists, my joy has no bounds. I profusely thank you for your huge effort towards keeping such divine music widely alive all over the world. I am benefiting from it immensely in my home work as I am taking such lessons in Mumbai once in a week. I request you to put The Swarmalika Lesson in Raag Bagesree in teen taal which is already there in ek taal.I also request you to put some difficult alankaars at a slower pace for understanding the swars very clearly for students like me if possible.

    Nisha Shah