Friday, July 3, 2020

List of Raagas

Serial #Name of the RaagVideo LessonsNotations
0.Basic Training - Alankaar / Paltaa2 Lesson-
1.Raag Aasaawari5 Lessons1 Lesson
2.Raag Bilaval1 Lessons-
3.Raag Baageshree4 Lessons1 Lesson
4.Raag Bhairav2 Lessons-
5.Raag Bhairavi4 Lessons1 Lesson
6.Raag Bhimpalaasi 6 Lessons 1 Lesson
7.Raag Bhoop5 Lessons1 Lesson
8.Raag Bihaag4 Lessons1 Lesson
9.Raag Darbaari Kaanada4 Lessons2 Lesson
10.Raag Des4 Lessons1 Lesson
11.Raag Durgaa4 Lessons3 Lessons
12.Raag Gunakali2 Lessons-
13.Raag Hamir4 Lessons1 Lesson
14.Raag Kaaphee 4 Lessons 1 Lesson
15.Raag Kalavati 1 Lesson -
16.Raag KedarLessons1 Lesson
17.Raag Khamaaj Lessons1 Lesson
18.Raag Maalkauns  Lessons1 Lesson
19.Raag Piloo Lessons1 Lesson
20.Raag Puriyaa DhanashriLesson-
21.Raag Saarang Lessons3 Lesson
22.Raag Shankara Lesson-
23.Raag Tilang Lessons1 Lesson
24. Raag Todi Lesson -
25.Raag Yaman Lessons1 Lesson
Total Lessons88 Lessons25


  1. tusharmehtaa@gmail.comJune 13, 2011 at 12:19 PM

    Pranam, I am very indebted to you, ma'm for this. I am already a big fan and shishya of yours. Though Hamsadhwani is originally carnataki raag, it is so beautiful that we cannot ignore it. Would really appreciate if you could be kind enough to add the raag in the list and teach us the swarmalika.

  2. Shashikant KulkarniDecember 18, 2011 at 1:04 AM

    Mohinitai, Thanks a lot. Really appreciate your initiative.

    Shashikant Kulkarni


  4. Dear Mohini-ji,

    Thank you for this delightful resource! I just had to link to it from my website on Hindustani classical music ( I know my visitors will greatly appreciate it!

    Best regards,

  5. This is a wonderful site.My sincere thanks for the efforts.Can you furnish notations for raag bandish and laxangeet?
    That will help to learn on Bansuri.Regards

  6. Thanks for this amazing website. if you don't mind can you please publish the swarmalikas for all the raagas . It will be easier to learn if we have the script.

  7. Often it is heard that Indian Classical Music is deteriorating and soon might finish away - I think until people like you are in this world - it is not going to happen! Thank you for imparting this great treasure to everyone who is interested. Really Appreciated.

  8. This is a great work to help people learn our precious music.


  9. Mo Nyme
    Your lesson on Raag Darbari is amazing .... thank you all for being here on the Net and helping us learn.... highly appreciate it

  10. Amazing work. Can you please add Notations lessons for Kedar?

    Thanks Again,
    Jayant Pande

  11. Really appreciate all your efforts to make this site. It is really very useful for classical music learners.
    Thank you very much. Please keep up the good work. :)
    _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

  12. Thanks for this amazing website....

    anand kubal

  13. god bless you ..........

  14. A good collection of raagas. For a long time I was searching for this type of classical music. I myself used to practice harmonium daily. I will use one of this raaga with harmonium. Anyway thanks for your effort.

  15. Respected Madam,it's a boon to all the learners and we will be indebted throughout our life for this incredible gift which you have provided, Since I play flute can I get to learn from audio video clippings. Regards

  16. i really like this blogs most of the comman raggs i learnt through this blog
    nicely work :)

  17. i am very glad to see this useful site. I can easily understand the structure of hindusthani ragas. thank you.. thank you very much.

  18. thank you very very much.
    I think this is the best way to learn indian classical music.
    even physical tutor fails to teach like this.
    I appreciate for your hard work.

  19. This website is really amazing it helps me out in my singing.Thanks madam for making it easier for us , such a great learning platform for me and many others like me . God bless you!

  20. My daily class room. Simple, but complete. Thanks.

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  22. Today for the first time I have visited this site .. Its really awesome , This is a great effort by all of you to helping so many music lovers and students in understanding and to learn Indian Classical music in very very simple and straight manner ....Kep it up please

  23. Very Happy to enjoying this site, God bless you, Very much helpful for beginners.

  24. Finally got what I was looking for from years. This will help me to learn basics

  25. The articles in this niche seems helpful for people interested in singing. Useful for beginners!!

    Johns Academy of Music

  26. Thanks for investing time in spreading knowledge.. God Bless

  27. सादर प्रणाम,
    मैं संगीत साधको हेतु आपका प्रयास निश्चित ही मार्गदर्शक है इस हेतु आपको शत शत नमन। अगर सम्भव जो तो राग हिंडोल के बारे में भी अपडेट कीजियेगा।
    सादर शुभेच्छु

  28. Namaskaar... Mohini Ji & Chadrashekhar Ji
    Your blog presents a glimpse of the Treasure of Indian Classical Music.
    The manner in which every thing is presented is so very easy and simple to understand. I happened to come across your blog while searching for Learning Ragas for Bhakti Sangeet. I sincerely bow unto you both and hope that your blog helps many... and many... of music learners....

    With Good Wishes...
    Pramod Maheshwari

  29. Namaskar!
    Very very much useful for the music lovers that I have no words to describe about.

  30. thank you very much madam ji for such a wonderful music lessons

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  36. amazing work mam. God Bless you ❤❤❤