Sunday, January 30, 2011

Raag Bhairavi

Raag Bhairavi has all 4 Swars (Re Ga Dha Ni)Komal
Vaadi Swar: Dha ans Samvaadi Swar Ga

Aaroh: Sa Re(k) Ga(k) Ma Pa Dha(k) Ni(k) SA
Avaroh: SA Dha(k) Pa Ma Ga(k) Re(k) Sa

Lesson 1: Swaramaalika

Lesson 2: LakshanGeet

Lesson 3: Bandishi
Lesson 4: AalapTane


  1. Amazing, this helps a lot.

  2. Very well done with excellent tuition simply put. I have been looking for a simple site like this one and wish you and yours all success. Would like to contact you sometime.

  3. really thankful to you from the bottom of my heart. this site is like a boon to the singers like me who are born in a place where we don't get music teachers to teach us.

  4. You are a gift to music lovers all over the world, Mohiniji. Thank you.

  5. Great job! Mohini Joshi. I'm following and practising these lessons. They give me immense joy. Just one question...Why have you not provided all the four lessons to all the raagas? Have they added later on? Where can I find them, if they have?

  6. So sweet and melodious
    Very useful for me

  7. Beautiful, useful, melodious. Thank you!

  8. Thanks a lot for this valuable gift.....RAMESH SARDAR,RANAGHAT,W.B.

  9. excellent work keep it up guyz as this is a knowledge and those who eagerly want to learn is the best site to have and learn as much as they can.