Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Raag Bhoop

                   For Lakshangeet , Bndish and Aalaptane Please scroll down

Raag Bhoop has five shudha notes( Sa Re Ga Pa Dha)
Vaadi swar is Ga Samvaadi swar is Dha
Pakad is Pa Ga Dha Pa Ga Re Ga

Aaroha:  Sa  Re  Ga  Pa  Dha  SA
Avaroha:  SA  Dha  Pa  Ga  Re  Sa

Lesson 1: Swaramaalika

Lesson 2: LakshanaGeet

Lesson 3: Bandishi ( Cheese )

Lesson 4: AalapTane

Lesson 5: Bandish

Lesson 6 : Notation


  1. Very nice blog Mohiniji. Congratulations on your new blog on Indian Classical Music. This surely is going to be a valuable resource for all the curious music students and music lovers like me. Thanks a lot to you for this!!

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  3. Mohiniji,thanx for such a nice blog. Realy helpful for beginers like me. I have a small request if you could do so. Could you send me swarmalika, lakhangeet and bandish for raag bhoop on my email id- "laconicravi@gmail.com". Sometimes internet connection creates problems in listening therefore the request. Thanx agin for your effort to promote classical music.

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