Sunday, January 23, 2011

Raag Des

                                       For Lakshangeet, Bandish please scroll down

Raag Des has  Shudha and Komal Ni
Dha and N(k) is used in only Avaroha
Vaadi Swar: Pa and Samvaadi Swar: Re
Pakad: Re Ma Pa Dha Ma Ga Re, GaniSa

Aaroh: ni Sa Re Ma Pa Ni SA
Avaroh: SA Ni(k) Dha Pa Dha Ma Ga Re, Pa Ma Ga Re, Ga ni Sa

Lesson 1: Swaramalika

Lesson 2: LakshanGeet

Lesson 3: Bandishi ( Cheese )

Revise All Lessons of Raag Des at once:

Lesson 4: Aalap Tane

Lesson 5: Notations


  1. Awesome lessons ..thanks a lot ..

  2. Thnkz... Ur efforts will one day be recognised in the whole world... ☺